The Everlasting Melody

The following is a collaborated piece of work by the authors:

Ashay Gupta (


Tanmay ( Continue reading “The Everlasting Melody”

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The Language of Spirituality


 The following piece is in no way meant to inflict any kind of sentimental damage towards believer of any religion but is just a perspective of an individual towards the exploitation of those believers who have been blinded by the artificial masters who claim to be our Gods. That is my perspective, an opinion upon which I believe. This doesn’t mean I am an atheist, however, I believe in one God only. The God who is supposed to be a holy existence, which resides within us, and helps us maintain harmony between what’s inside us and that which is outside.

I believe, not in religion, but in Spirituality; and that too, more so, that of the mind and soul. Continue reading “The Language of Spirituality”


Rediscovery (n.) The action or process of discovering again something that was forgotten or ignored.

I have found solace in solitude
I have found beauty in bounds
I have found compassion in cobwebs
I have found elegance in entrapment
I have found happiness in hell
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Grieved Reality

“Please don’t make me fall out of love with you…”, Her text read.
And as he replied, with teary eyes, “Trust me, I won’t”,
He realized that he had only taken away reasons for her to trust him, not given any.


-Ashay Gupta

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